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Ready For Inclusion

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Our school has won ‘the Comenius 2009- international partnerships’ project of the Tempus Public Foundation.


– Submitting ‘the Comenius 2009- School Partnerships’ international application of Tempus Public Foundation (02. 2009)

– Meeting the formal requirements (05. 2009)

– Announcement of the winning applications (07. 2009)

– Preparation of the documents required to enter into contract (08. 2009)

– Signing of the Grant Agreement (08. 2009)

– Participation in the project opening seminar (09. 2009)

– Study of documents- handbook and regulations ( 09. 2009)

– Opening of the register and the event diary (09. 2009)

– Start of the project involving the collaborator of NYME Pedagogical Department

(09. 2009)

Countries participating in the winning project







Duration of the project

July 2009 – June 2011

Awarded grant

12, 000 €

Dates of the meetings

11. 2009 Hungary

02. 2010 Italy

05. 2010 Portugal

10. 2010 Portugal

02. 2011 Italy

04. 2011 Hungary

Objectives of the Partnership

1. To enlarge our pedagogical knowledge with the programme according to the conception of the European Union

2. To present the integration activity in the educational institutions

a) to disseminate our experience

b) to get acquainted with new methods and procedures

Tasks related to the execution of the project

– Presentation of the integration activities in the institutions

– Presentation of new methods and procedures

– Participation in lessons and developing activities

– Meeting special experts

– Analysis of the observations

– Creating a common product

– Organization of courses and forums-regional and town events

– Professional conferences- teaching-staff meeting

– Keeping teachers, parents, pupils informed

– Creating a methodological package

– Following up the events of the project – média, website, Comenius corner

Quality control tasks

School-year 2009/2010

n Comparison of quality control systems

n Increase of the educational quality in the institutions

n Getting acquainted with new measuring methods and their adaptation

School-year 2010/2011

n Efficiency control

n Attitude control

I. The programme of the first meeting

Professional programmes

– Operative discussion of the Comenius project

– Introduction of our school

– Therapies and developing activities applied for pupils aged 6-14 with special educational needs

– Presentation of the activities and tools

Cultural programmes

– Sightseeing in our town

– Gastronomical tour: Bozsok, Kőszeg, Cák

– Sights of Sopron and Fertőd


II. Meeting


8.25 Catania airport – Arrive Hungarian delegation in Catania and accommodation. Our delegation will be at the airport for welcoming.

*Visit to Etna, the tallest and most active volcano in Europe.

*The visit will depend on the weather


21.20 Catania airport – Arrive Portuguese delegation in Catania and accommodation. Our delegation will be at the airport for welcoming


9.00/11.00 – Scuola “D’Annunzio” via Brindisi, meeting between delegations.

Discussion: “Inclusion at D’Annunzio school” – experiences

11.00 Coffee break

11.30/17.30 – Cultural programme: Taormina, pearl of the Ionian Sea

Taormina grandly portrays a Greco-Roman theater (the 2nd largest classical theater in Sicily; the largest is in Siracusa) which was built by the Greeks on the top of a large hill, overlooking the blue-green sea of the Mediterranean and facing Mt. Etna in distant Catania. The Taormina theater was later enlarged and almost completely rebuilt by the Romans. It is still used for classical plays and music.

13.00 Lunch

20.00 Dinner in the hotel or in a typical restaurant


9.30/12.30 – Cultural programme: Baroque in Catania, monuments and buildings

13.00 Lunch

16.00/18.30 – Cultural programme: Saint- Agatha, churches in Catania

20.00 Dinner


9.30/11.00 – Scuola “D’Annunzio” via Quartararo,

“Prevention of learning difficulties at D’Annunzio school” – experiences

11.00 Coffee break

13.00 Lunch

18.30/23.00 Cultural programme: Saint-Agatha feast.

Dinner during the visit.




25-28 May 2010


  • Getting acquainted with the institutional environment
  • Review of the educational documentation
  • Getting acquainted with the Portuguese traditions of integration
  • Finalization of meeting observations and the formal execution.

Professional programmes

  • Discussion of the tasks for the 3rd meeting
  • School introduction
  • Integrated education
  • Observation of students with learning difficulties in developing lessons
  • Demonstration of equipment and methods for therapy


IV. Meeting



23-27 October 2010



  • Visit to a Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children
  • Lesson visits in “D’Annunzio” School
  • Developing lessons
  • ppt presentation of the ‘two-teacher model’
  • Organising leisure activities



Professional programmes

  • “Ready for Inclusion” project meeting, monitoring the project status
  • School introduction, integrated education
  • The study of syllabuses, individual development plans, the choice and the system of the school equipment
  • Project meeting (next meeting in Portugal and Hungary, the final product and the publicity of the project)


Cultural programmes

  • Walk in the city of Catania
  • Trip to Siracusa and Noto


VI. Meeting


1st May, 2011: Cultural Programme

– Sightseeing tour in Budapest (Boat trip)

– Szentendre (trip by bus)


2nd May, 2011 :


9:00-12:00:Visit to the ’Golden Bridge’ Educational Integrated Centre- Methodological Institution, Kindergarten, Primary School, Special Secondary School

– institution introduction

– pet therapy- demonstation with dogs

– getting acquainted with the school

– visit to the ’Winnie the Pooh’ Kindergarten

12:00- 13:30: Lunch

14:00- 15:30: Visit to the University of West Hungary and the Regional Pedagogical Service Centre


3rd May, 2011:

9:00-10:00: Visit to a developing classroom and a developing lesson

10:00-10:30: Sports race in the school gym

10:30- 11:00: Darts in the school hall

11:00-11:15: Lunch


– Talented SEN students

– The closing of the project

Cultural programme:

13:00: Trip to Herend- visit to the Porcelain Manufactory

19:30: Dinner

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